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To deliver unique value in the healthcare industry, healthcare providers are using health informatics to find new ways of delivering healthcare that will increase the efficiency of hospitals while at the same time achieving better patient care and patient satisfaction.

As a result, market demand is increasing for healthcare professionals, practitioners and administrators who are proficient with health informatics and using technology products and services to find solutions that are targeted at specific health issues or conditions.

To meet this market demand, CHI has set up training and development programmes to develop health informatics human capital. Our Executive Programmes are designed with theory, case studies and projects to equip participants with knowledge and practical skills needed to respond to challenges of the workplace with ideas that are fresh, practical and relevant.

























Upcoming April 2016 seminar







The Centre for Health Informatics is pleased to   
announce confirmed class schedules for the   
following courses:  

a) Introduction to Health Informatics : 

       23,24,25 May 2016  
       18,19,20 July 2016  
       5,6,7 September 2016  
       31 October, 1 & 2 November 2016  

b) Managing Healthcare IT Project

       14,15,16 June 2016      
       12,13,14 July 2016 
       20,21,22 September 2016  
       15,16,17 November 2016   
       21,22,23 February 2017  

c) Healthcare Analytics for Professionals :

       9,10,11 May 2016  
       11,12,13 July 2016  
       19,20,21 September 2016  
       5,6,7 December 2016  

d) Clinical Workflow Analysis & Decision

       Support : 
       9,10,11 May 2016  
       24,25,26 August 2016  
       26,27,28 October 2016  
   e)  Certificate in Healthcare Informatics  
       11,12,13,14,15 July 2016  
   f) Mini-HI (Health Informatician):  
       23,24,25 May 2016  
       1,2,3 August 2016  
       10,11,12 October 2016